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Promoting Shopify Products with Instagram Reels
Promoting Shopify Products with Instagram Reels

Learn the basics of how to promote Shopify products with Instagram Reels

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You can use Instagram Reels to engage your Shopify customers with short (up to 60 seconds long), cool, and fun videos that demonstrate how you use your product or why it's worth checking out.

Here's how you can go about it:

1. Get to know the product

Since this is your first Instagram Reels video, you need to get familiar with the product before recording a video of yourself using it. Therefore, we recommend ordering a sample of the product yourself and learning everything there is to know about it. Only then will you have a good idea of who the product will appeal to and how to create a fun video out of it that people will enjoy.

2. Create the video for your ad

You can record a video of yourself using your product or doing something related to it. For example, if you're selling an iced coffee maker, you can show how to make your favorite iced coffee recipe and how much you're enjoying it with family and friends.

Keep it simple β€” the idea is to create a video that does not look or feel like an ad but rather an organic piece of content that people will enjoy.

3. Generating views for your Instagram Reel

Once you've created the video, you'll need to generate views for it. As you might imagine, the video will contain a link to your dropshipping store where people can buy the product. So the more views that you get from your Instagram Reel, the more opportunities to make a sale.

You can't generate a lot of views quickly with a new Instagram account, so you'll need to buy shoutouts from bigger and more established Instagram pages that are relevant to your product.

You will need to DM the page owner and negotiate a rate for a shoutout which will depend on the size and reach of the page.

If you want to learn more, check out our blog post on this topic β€” Promoting Dropshipping Products Using Instagram Reels.

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