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7 Common Mistakes of First-time Online Store Owners
7 Common Mistakes of First-time Online Store Owners

Glean some insights on the typical mistakes that first-time Shopify store owners make and how you can avoid them

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Mistake#1: Selling products that have a limited lifespan

Before investing a great deal promoting a specific product or service, ask yourself if there's anything that might change in the short term that would make the product no longer viable.

Instead, we recommend going after products that are "evergreen" β€” those with a long lifespan and don't depend on trends/seasons.

Mistake#2: Selling one-off products

One-off products are items that a customer only buys once, and they do nothing for you in terms of repeat business.

Mistake#3: No upsells,

Creating a successful business is more than just getting customers to buy one product. You can increase revenue by encouraging them to buy other complementary products.

Mistake#4: No reliable source of products

Make sure you have the product lines before spending money on acquiring customers. Vet your suppliers carefully because if they do not meet your standards, you can do nothing about it.

Note: This does not specifically apply to MerchMixer users because the dropshipping app already comes with access to a network of reputable suppliers.

Mistake#5: Being lazy at shipping out products

By default, MerchMixer requires that you manually review and approve orders for fulfillment. Only then will the supplier ship out the product to the customer. The sooner you can do this, the faster it'll be delivered.

Note that while fulfillment can be automated, we recommend reviewing every order before anything ships out.

Mistake#6: Being bad at things you don't want to do

Running an online store entails a lot of tasks (inventory management, shipping out products, customer service). If you don't want to get stuck doing mundane and menial tasks like answering customer questions or checking order statuses, then consider looking into outsourcing.

Of course, this isn't free, and you'll need to spend money on hiring professionals. But it can be worth it if you're not cut out for this kind of work. Also, you don't have to do everything yourself; you can outsource and offload tasks to people who excel at them.

Mistake#7: No automation

Automation is the most effective way to simplify business operations and streamline your workflow.

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