MerchMixer offers a free plan that lets you use the Shopify dropshipping app with no upfront cost. It is the default membership that you are automatically enrolled in after adding MerchMixer to your Shopify store.


  • 1-click product import

  • 7-business day shipping times

  • US-based inventory

  • Unlimited monthly orders

  • Automatic profit margins (can be edited)

  • Real-time inventory synching

  • Import list/My Products Access

  • Sales Reports

  • Order number synching and real-time cracking

  • Professionally written sales copies

  • Email support

Limitations of the free plan:

  • Listings limited to 25 products

  • No access to exclusive products

  • No discounts on product cost

If you want to get around these limitations, you'll have to upgrade to one of their paid plans (Pro or Premium).

To learn more about MerchMixer's Lifetime free plan, check out our blog post on the topic — Everything You Need to Know about MerchMixer's Free Lifetime Plan.

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