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MerchMixer Membership Plans
MerchMixer Membership Plans

Learn about the 3 different membership plans that MerchMixer has on offer.

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MerchMixer has 3 types of membership plans:

  1. Free

  2. Pro

  3. Premium

The Free Plan

Free is the default plan that you're automatically enrolled in after adding MerchMixer to your Shopify store. It cost nothing and lets you get started with MerchMixer without spending any money upfront.

That said, the free plan has its limitations:

  • Listings limited to just 25 products

  • No discounts on product cost

  • No access to exclusive products

If you want to list more than 25 products on your Shopify store and get access to better prices/products, then you'll have to upgrade to a paid plan (Pro or Premium).

MerchMixer Pro

Pro is MerchMixer's most popular membership plan that addresses all of the limitations of the Free Plan. With the Pro plan, you'll get access to the following features/benefits:

  • Import up to 1000 listings on your Shopify store

  • Access to exclusive products (up to 100 listings)

  • 2 to 5% discount on product cost (better profit margins)

  • Unlocks access to chat support (free plans only have email support)

  • Expert onboarding webinar

Signing up for MerchMixer Pro will cost you $49 per month. However, if you prepay annually for $299 per year, you'll be able to save $289 on your monthly subscription over the course of a year.

MerchMixer Premium

Premium is MerchMixer's top-tier membership plan and addresses the limits of the Pro plan. With Premium, you get access to the following features/benefits:

  • Unlimited listings (including exclusive products)

  • 5 to 10% discount on products

  • MerchMixer store strategy report

The cost of signing up for MerchMixer premium is $79 per month. However, just like the Pro plan, you can get a better price if you sign up for an annual plan which costs $399 (save $549).

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