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How to Start a Professional Shopify Store?
How to Start a Professional Shopify Store?

Learn the basics for starting and promoting a dropshipping store on Shopify

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Sign up for a Shopify account

Your first step is to register for a Shopify account and start your 14-day free trial. Log on to the Shopify website and click on the "Start Free Trial button:

Fill in the required information. You'll be asked personal information and some questions about your goals/niche. Complete the registration process until you reach the Shopify admin page.

At that point, your online store is now registered and you are free to work on your Shopify store (for free) for 14 days. Beyond that or if you're ready to launch your online store (make it accessible to the public), then you will need to pick a plan and start a Shopify subscription.

Set a theme for your Shopify Store

The next step is to customize the look and feel of your website. You can do that by using Shopify's extensive library of themes.

1. Click on "Online Store" on the left menu of your Shopify admin and select "Themes".

2. Scroll down to the section where it says "Theme Library". Click on "Explore Free Themes" if you want to use a free theme for your Shopify store or "Visit Theme Store" if you want to buy a premium theme.

You can choose whatever theme you like, but make sure that it complements your niche and the products that you're selling.

Add Products to your Shopify Store

1. Go to "Apps" on the left menu of your Shopify admin and select "MerchMixer - US Dropshipping".

2. Go to the "Find Products" tab and look for a product that you want to add to your Shopify store.

3. Once you find a product that you like, click on the "Import" button and it'll automatically be listed on your Shopify store.

Set up payment methods for your Shopify store

By default, Paypal is enabled as a checkout method for your customers. However, you can always add new ones as Shopify supports a myriad of third-party payment providers.

To set up payment methods for your store, click on "Settings" on the left menu of your Shopify admin (lower-left), then go to "Payments". From there, you can add/remove payment gateways for your store.

Make your desired changes to your accepted payment methods and click on the "Save" button.

Launching your Shopify store

1. Click on "Online Store" on the left menu of your Shopify admin and go to "Preferences".

2. Scroll down to the section where it says "Password Protection" and click on "Pick a plan". You will need to start a subscription to make your store public.

Generating traffic to your Shopify Store

To make a sale, you will need to create traffic to your store. You can start with free options:

  • Start a Facebook group and post about your products.

  • Use Pinterest and upload pictures of your products and share them on relevant boards.

  • Start a Youtube channel and upload videos of your products.

  • Guest post on blogs related to your niche.

  • Answer related questions on Quora that are related to your products.

  • Link your Shopify store to all of your social media accounts โ€” Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Eventually, you will want to consider investing in paid marketing solutions like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. These paid solutions will help you get targeted traffic to your Shopify store quickly.

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