Adding a Sales Channel

Log on to your Shopify Admin page and navigate to the left menu. Look for the section that says "Sales Channels" and click on the + button to the right of it.

A window will appear showing the available sales channels that you can add to your Shopify store. Navigate to the channel you want and click on the green add button to the right of it.

The next page will show you the permissions you'll be granting through that sales channel. To confirm the process, click on add/update sales channel.

Notice how some sales channels are currently unavailable to you. You can check the reason why and what you can do to enable that sales channel by clicking on "You can't add this channel" under that sales channel.

Removing a Sales Channel

To remove a sales channel, go into your Shopify admin panel and click on "Settings" on the lower left of the page.

Click on Sales Channel, then click on the trash button on the right-hand side of the sales channel that you want to delete.

A confirmation box will appear asking you to verify the removal of the sales channel. Tick the box stating that you understand the risk and click on the Remove (sales channel name) button.

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