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How do I change the price of a product?
How do I change the price of a product?

Learn how to edit price

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You will only be able to change or update the sales price of a product AFTER it has been imported.

Can I bulk update price for many products at once?

We actually automatically add 20-25% profit to each products automatically for you when the product is imported into your store, so you don't have to do anything!

If you want to update or change the sales price for your customers, you can do this individually for each product. We are looking into ways that we might be able to make this easier in the future.

How do I update price?

After you import a product into your Shopify Store, you can see the below prices (in USD) by clicking into an individual product and scrolling down to Pricing.

  • Compare at price: The price you would normally see this price on other websites

  • Cost: The cost of the item to you

  • Price: The cost the item will sell to your customer

  • Margin: How much you make in USD

  • % Margin: % margin

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