At MerchMixer, we work with 100s of vendors and warehouses to bring you and your customers over 6k premium products.

Each one of our vendors has a different return policy so please refer to the individual product listing to view the return policy. It's pretty clearly stated there and if it's not please let us know so we can get it updated.

If a product does offer returns, we have a 15-day return window upon delivery.

To request a return, you will need to reach out on the "Approved Order" tab in the MerchMixer app on the behalf of your customer. Go to the corresponding order and. use the "Report Issue" button and we'll take of you. Your customer is our customer!

In terms of MerchMixer membership subscription fee refunds we do not offer them at this time. If you believe you are entitled to a membership subscription fee refund please contact us and we will evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.

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