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How to restrict MerchMixer products to your Shopify customers in the US?
How to restrict MerchMixer products to your Shopify customers in the US?

Your Shopify store has international customers, but you should only show MerchMixer products to US based customers.

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MerchMixer only ships to customers in the domestic US (no Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska)

If you don't want to allow customers to purchase from outside the domestic US, you would need to make sure that you set that restriction in your shipping option.

Under Settings > Shipping and delivery in the Store Admin, you will be able to set up shipping parameters for all countries (or if the shipping rates are different per country you can set it up per country).

Click on "Create new profile" under Custom Shipping Rates. Scroll down to the section where it says "Shipping to" and click on the "Create shipping zone" option.

Designate a zone name (this can be anything and customers won't be able to see this). Select the United States and uncheck Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, then click on "Done".

To save the shipping zone, you need to specify a shipping rate. Click on the "Add rate" button. Specify a rate name (peope will see this name during checkout) and the shipping price, then click on "Done".

Click on "Save". That's it โ€” your products are now only visible to customers in the domestic US!

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