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How do I find the price or cost of a product?
How do I find the price or cost of a product?

Find out more about cost, sales price, and margin

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We've been hearing this question a lot - How to find the price of a product?

We do not have an excel list of all our products and their prices. We are constantly updating our platform with better prices and more products, so a manual list would be very difficult for us to keep up to date. Instead, we dynamically update price, cost, inventory, and products skus in the MerchMixer App.

There's a few different "prices" in our platform.

Let's define each one below:

  • Cost: Your cost is the price you will pay MerchMixer for a product. This is what is displayed in the collection of products under "Find Products" in the MerchMixer app. This is in USD. And it does including shipping costs.

  • Price: This is the suggested sales price of the product. This is what your customers will pay you. We automatically add a 20-25% margin to all products, as soon as you Import them into your store. This is in USD.

  • Compare at price: This is the price that we see for the product on the web. Sometimes this is also referred to as a the retail value or the MSRP. This is in USD.

  • Margin: This is the percent profit that you are making on the product on each sale

  • Profit: This is the dollar amount in USD that you are making on each product

How do I view price before Importing the Product:

Before importing a product into your Shopify Store, you can your cost of a product (in USD) that you will pay MerchMixer. You can view this on the Find Products page or by clicking into an individual product.

How do I view Price, after Importing the Product

After you import a product into your Shopify Store, you can see the below prices (in USD) by clicking into an individual product and scrolling down to Pricing.

  • Compare at price: The price you would normally see this price on other websites

  • Cost: The cost of the item to you

  • Price: The cost the item will sell to your customer

  • Margin: How much you make in USD

  • % Margin: % margin

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