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How do I fulfill and approve orders?
How do I fulfill and approve orders?

Learn how setup Manual or Automatic Fulfillment to get your orders fulfilled, approved, and shipped to your customers with MerchMixer

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Awesome one of your customers has placed an order. Now what?

How to Manually Request Fulfillment?

You can view all your MerchMixer orders in your Shopify Admin “Orders” section.

However, this does not mean that MerchMixer has received the order.

In order to approve the order, pass it to MerchMixer, pay for it, and have it appear in your MerchMixer please follow the below process:

  1. Visit "Orders" in the Shopify admin and check to see if you have any "Unfulfilled" MerchMixer orders.

  2. Click into the specific order and "Request Fulfillment"

  3. Now click "Send Fulfillment Request"

  4. Check "Notify Your Customer Of Shipment" if you want to notify them.

  5. Check back in your Shopify "Orders" admin and you will see the status change to "In progress"

  6. You will now see the order available in the "Approved Order" tab in the MerchMixer App.

We'll take it from here. When the order ships, the fulfillment status will change to "Fulfilled".

You will receive shipping tracking within 3-5 days and the customer will receive the product within 7-10 days from the day they ordered it.

How to Setup Automatic Order Fulfillment?

  1. Visit your Shopify Store "Settings"

  2. Go to "Checkout" Settings

  3. Scroll down to "Order Processing"

  4. Select "Automatically fulfill the order's line items"

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