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How to Enable Product Synchronization on MerchMixer?
How to Enable Product Synchronization on MerchMixer?

Learn about MerchMixer's Product Synchronization and how to enable/disable the feature.

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While disabled by default, MerchMixer offers a product synchronization feature that overwrites any changes made to listings you've imported to your Shopify store. This is useful if you want your listings to be automatically updated if ever MerchMixer makes changes to the original listing — images, descriptions, etc.

With the feature turned off, you only get the initial product data from the listing with no updates. If you intend to write your own copy for the listing or use custom images, then you should leave the feature disabled.

Important: Note that price and inventory levels remain synced/updated regardless of whether you have product synchronization turned on/off.

How to turn on product synchronization on MerchMixer?

1. Click on "Apps" on the left menu of your Shopify admin and select "MerchMixer — US Dropshipping".

2. Click on the "Settings" tab and look for the Products Synchronization section. Click on the "Enable" button.

3. That's it! Product Synchronization is now enabled on your MerchMixer account!

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