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How to Make Your First Sale on Shopify Using Facebook Ads
How to Make Your First Sale on Shopify Using Facebook Ads
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  • Find a product that you like and do some research to determine how well that product is selling. You can use Amazon or Aliexpress — search for a similar product or exactly like it and check out the ratings and the number of items sold.

  • Lean towards products that are reasonably priced — not too cheap or too expensive. High-ticket items will be a tough sell for beginners and cheap ones aren't probably going to be profitable.

  • Look for products that you can easily upsell. For example, you can sell a phone case for $20 and upsell a screen protector for $5. Doing so will help you maximize revenue in every transaction.

  • Lend preference to products that are easier to ship (small and lightweight). While MerchMixer does not charge you anything for shipping, avoiding bulky and expensive items just mitigates most shipping-related problems.

Keep in mind that these are not rules and merely suggestions on finding a good product for dropshipping. Some of these may not apply to your business, but hopefully provides some guidance on what to look out for.

Setting up your Facebook ads column

Before you start a campaign, you need to set up your Facebook ad columns to display vital information. If you don't know what is going with your campaign, it is easy for beginners to lose money.

You can set the columns however you like, but we recommend the following:

  • Delivery

  • Budget

  • Amount Spent

  • Purchase Conversion Value

  • CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions)

  • CTR (All)

  • Link Clicks

  • Adds to Cart

  • Checkout Initiated

  • Purchase

  • Cost per Result

  • Purchase ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

When you start a Facebook ad campaign, you will be asked to specify an objective for the campaign. Since you are trying to make your first sale, you would want to choose "Conversions".

Set a daily ad budget of $5 to $10. Facebook has billions of users and will quickly burn through your daily budget. So it is important to stretch your marketing budget out to run for at least a few weeks.

Whether or not your campaign will be profitable depends on the effectiveness of your ads and ROAS. To this end, we recommend testing and continuously tweaking your ads using different versions of the following:

  • Audience targeting

  • Ad copy

  • Call-to-action (message, button placement, colors, etc.).

  • Landing page

  • Product images

  • Appeal to the audience's emotions.

You'd want to avoid changing too many things at once (max of two) so you don't lose track of your tweaks. The idea is to determine what is working for your store and do away with elements that are hindering conversions.

Here are some ideas for creating your Facebook ads:

  • A/B test your ad creatives. This will give you the data on what works best and create more campaigns based on these results.

  • Use competitor ads to get ideas for yours, but don't just copy them word for word or people won't find it interesting! Instead, try tweaking a few words here and there so it's not noticeable.

  • Add emojis, gifs, and other visuals to catch people’s attention more. If it grabs their attention they will be interested in what you have to offer!

  • Know your audience. What are they most interested in? Add this into the ad creative for a targeted message that will get them hooked.

  • Use customer testimonials to make your ad more personal, and a memorable message. This will help you stand out from the competition!

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